Our Team

Our Team

By leveraging our individual strengths, we can match organizations with precisely what they need to thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

From business strategy and leadership development to emotional intelligence and technical expertise, our collective knowledge allows us to create tailored solutions that foster growth and success.

The strength of our team comes from its diversity and the fact that each of us is not only certified individual and team coaches, we’ve have the perspective of many years of corporate experience as well.

photo of Dina Bsharat

Dina Bsharat

Certified Leadership and Team Coach

Dina Bsharat is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and holds a Systemic Team Coaching Certificate from The Academy of Executive Coaching. Since 2016, she’s been helping her clients (individuals and teams) come to a fuller understanding of their ambitions, talents, and motivations to support them in their development journeys.

Her coaching involves an equation of Awareness and Action, using different techniques that guide clients to uncover powerful insights and use this information to make better choices, and pave a new path towards success. Coaching techniques include identifying and visualizing goals and measures of success, unpacking and articulating values and identity, exposing thought patterns and behaviours, and developing new strategies and applications for moving forward.

Dina also brings her corporate experience in Advertising & Marketing, having worked 10+ years in client servicing, delivering digital products and projects for notable clients across various industries (Emirates, Zain, Ooredoo, McDonald’s Arabia) and is comfortable navigating diverse environments and teams.

Principles that guide her approach to coaching are:

  • Systemic Team Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset
  • The Co-Active Leadership Model
  • Conscious Leadership

Training & Qualifications

Currently enrolled in Brunel University London’s Masters in Psychology (Conversion)
GTCI’s Systemic Team Coaching Program
Gestalt Coaching Skills Workshop – Academy of Executive Coaching
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – International Coaching Federation
Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) – The Coaches Training Institute Systemic Team Coaching Certification – Academy of Executive Coaching Body=Brain, the neuroscience of experiential learning – Embright

Language: English and Arabic

photo of Gavin Flook

Gavin Flook

Gavin Flook is an Executive and Team Coach accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. He is also a Chartered Accountant (FCA).

He specialises in coaching Leaders in transition and Systemic Team Coaching. He also practices leadership with a number of non-profit/community organisations.

Gavin starts by ensuring that he thoroughly understands the client’s story so far and all dimensions of their situation. He listens, reflects, challenges and provides a safe space for the individual or team, blending a valuable and robust coaching journey with his extensive leadership experience. Individual leaders’ transitions and career paths are accelerated and a team’s effectiveness is enhanced to make a sustainable impact.

Gavin’s values which underpin his approach to coaching are:

  • A commitment to giving back, sharing his experience
  • Dedication to personal development and development of others
  • Commitment to continuous improvement from innovation and change
  • Raising standards and tackling complex, systemic challenges

In addition to his coaching and community work, Gavin is a faculty member at Deloitte University in EMEA, where he leads Deloitte Partners and external facilitators and coaches to deliver leadership development programmes to the Firm’s future leaders.

He joined the Deloitte Partnership at the age of 30. His clients included large multi-national companies operating in various industries, for whom he led diverse, cross-border teams to deliver audits, due diligence and IPO services. He served terms leading the regional Audit business, the Talent agenda and the client and industry programmes. Development of the next generation of talent and team leadership were constant themes in his leadership style.

He now lives in the Czech Republic, having also lived in Slovakia and Poland since starting his career in London after graduating from Oxford. He mostly conducts his coaching online, with clients across central Europe and beyond.

photo of Hugo Lemmens

Hugo Lemmens

EMCC Senior Practitioner - Resilience, Leadership and Team Coach

Before he embarked on his journey as a trainer and coach, Hugo accumulated invaluable experience working within both small and large organizations, holding roles in sales and management functions. His interest in the coaching field was kindled during his involvement in a significant transitional program at his former employer.

When it comes to coaching, he brings a wealth of experience to the table. Since 2005, he has been deeply engaged in the realms of training, assessments, and coaching, dedicating his career to unlocking the full potential of individuals. Over the past year, he has broadened his expertise to encompass team coaching.

His commitment to continuous learning remains unwavering. He has successfully completed the Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner program through the Global Team Coaching Institute and has earned the esteemed NLP Master Practitioner certification from Acturus / New York Training Institute NLP.

Furthermore, he is captivated by the intriguing world of neuroscience, especially its applications in coaching. His understanding of the brain's intricacies, along with concepts like the Polyvagal Theory and System Thinking, allows him to offer a holistic perspective on personal and team development.

As a coach, he effortlessly connects with individuals and gains their trust, both on a personal and professional level. His approach is adaptable, responding to the present situation while maintaining a clear direction. He exhibits calmness in choosing the right words and interventions. This adaptability allows him to consistently create value for his clients.

Testimonials often mention his innate emotional intelligence and exceptional intuition. During team coaching sessions, he has been praised for his ability to keenly perceive the emotional undercurrents and effectively guide teams by shining a light on hidden patterns that hinder progress.

He currently resides in both the Netherlands and Spain. From these locations, he offers in-person coaching locally and provides online coaching to clients worldwide. Proficient in Dutch, English, Spanish, and German, he facilitates effective coaching with a diverse range of clients.

photo of Valerie Miller

Valerie Miller

PCC, CPCC, Leadership and Team Coach

Valerie Miller is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner, as well as an ORSC Trained Team and Relationship Coach.

She specializes in Systemic Team Coaching as well as Executive and Leadership Coaching.

Her work helps leaders create high-performing teams that support the paradigm shift of individual intelligence to collective intelligence, team alignment towards goals, supporting teams through the change process, as well as managing team toxins and conflicts. The outcome of the team coaching process stimulates inspiration, positivity, innovation, collaboration, and trust.

Principles that guide her approach to coaching are:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset
  • The Co-Active Leadership Model
  • Systemic Team Coaching Model

Valerie also speaks on various subjects such as Laying the Groundwork for Wellness in Your Organization, Inclusive Leadership, Developing a Coaching Culture, Building Emotional Intelligence, and Managing Stress in the Workplace.

She brings the perspective of 20 years of work in the corporate world to her coaching. She started her career in journalism for Vogue and Allure Magazines, has also worked in sales, press and public relations, and the majority of her career in marketing at Ralph Lauren, organizing large-scale, big brand moments. She has been coaching exclusively since 2016.

She currently lives in Japan and is a full-time coach specializing in leadership and team coaching. Valerie coaches clients in person and virtually, all over the world.

Languages: English and French

photo of Irini NIkolaidou

Irini NIkolaidou

Professional Certified Coach by ICF and EMCC | Certified mBIT | Executive & Systemic Team Coach | Mentor Coach & Coach Supervisor | HRM Change Strategist | Corporate Facilitator

Irini is a Professional Certified International Executive (PCC) and Team Coach (ACTC) with vast experience in business and corporate environments. She works with teams, executives, members of the Board of Directors, C-suite/seniors, mid-level or emerging leaders, and high potentials. As a Corporate Facilitator, she leads Change for Leadership Development, Coaching Culture Establishment, Coaching Skills, Corporate Trust Establishment, Performance Management, Self-Esteem Elevation & HRM Mentoring. She applies Systemic, Solution-focused, 4Q Thinking, mBraining, and imagery approaches and has over 4,000 coaching hours in Greek and English.
Irini has more than 30 years of working experience and has worked in large companies in managerial positions. Her personality traits include being people-oriented, grounded, connected with nature and animals, balanced with gravity, a to-be attitude, a lifelong learner, creative and caring, and a world game coach. She is addicted to learning, enjoys training herself, and invests energy in growing her mindset. Her mission is to improve the human experience by interacting with people worldwide. Her primary goal is to support executives in achieving their highest aspirations. Her most significant achievements are her family and relationships. Her values include harmony, love, togetherness, ease, evolution, self-actualization, consciousness, and simplicity.

She lives in Greece and is a full-time professional coach and mentor specializing in executive and team coaching.


EIA - Global Individual Accreditation (via EMCC)
Team Coaching Supervision Accreditation-Transcend Int. Academy
Certified D.E.& I. Certification-CoachHuB Academy
ACTC (Advanced Certified Team Coach via ICF)
PCC (Professional Coaching Certificate via ICF)
Certified Mentor Coach - Eco-Systemic Thinking & A.L.
Certified Advanced High-Performance Team Coaching Erickson Intern
Certified Quantum Thinking Coach - Erickson International
Certified Points of You® Practitioner
Certified MBraining Professional Coach (mBIT Multiple Brain Integration Techniques)
Diploma in Business Coaching, International e-learning Academy
Diploma in Personal & Life Coaching, Kapodistrian Univ. of Athens
PgD in International HR Management, London Met University UK
Bachelor in Marketing & Communications Business College of Athens
ICF Greece Chapter Founding Member, President 2018 and Immediate Past President 2019, Head of the Ethics & Professional Standards Commissioner since 2018 - today