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We help teams perform better by building seamless connection and collaboration

Where Expertise Unites: Five Coaches, One Vision, Infinite Growth

We believe we're stronger together.

We've spent years working on teams, and we now work with leaders and their teams, helping them connect to themselves and each other to improve their collective leadership and performance, how they work together and with their stakeholders, and how they can effectively engage in transforming their businesses and organisations.

At Collective Works, our strength lies in our diversity. Our team of five coaches brings together a wealth of varied experiences, skills, and strengths, ensuring that we can cater to the unique needs of every organization.

We share the responsibility of our problems whether on a global, economical, political, or organisational level. We must work collectively on the solutions.

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Fueling our mission is the success of our clientele.

Some of the organisations we have been privileged to coach include:

Become stronger and more agile.

Our mission is to unlock your team’s greatest potential and catapult your growth, impacting not only bottom lines but far further than we can imagine. We are changing the workplace for good.

When people are fulfilled by their work - they show up differently in their home, their community and in the world.

A value-creating team is greater than the sum of its parts,
That’s why Collective Works.

Different ways to work with us

We offer different ways of working together, depending on where you are and your immediate needs.

1 to 1 Leadership Coaching: Helps leaders step up their game.

This personalized approach allows leaders to explore their potential, build self-awareness, and develop a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.


360 Team AssessmentHelps teams develop self-awareness.

Our unique Team Connect 360 feedback tool quickly and efficiently generates insights into how a team is perceived, by its stakeholders and by members of the team itself.


Team Coaching Programs 3, 6, and 12-month engagements with a whole team.

Our programs are customised to your organisation’s needs and transform team dynamics, enhance individual and collective performance, and contribute significantly to the overall success of an organization.


Team Coaching Workshops 90-minute workshops with a team on a relevant topic.

Tackle issues head-on in tailored workshops on topics such as Psychological Safety, Emotional Intelligence, Behaviors for More Effective Meetings, Building Trust, and Resolving Conflict.


Programs: Dive Deeper

Our programs are for leaders who have decided it’s time to stop playing small and invest in the collective transformation, not only for themselves but for their entire team. They know that working collectively will ripple to the wider community AND generations to come. They know that with change comes growth and they are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and create a better way of working.

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Book Recommendations

Welcome to our curated corner of knowledge, where you can explore a diverse collection of books that delve deep into the art and science of effective leadership, the intricacies of team dynamics, and the power of coaching.

Whether you’re a seasoned executive seeking to refine your leadership acumen, a budding entrepreneur aspiring to nurture a high-performing team, or a curious mind eager to unravel the mysteries of human behavior within organizations, our recommendations will provide insights and strategies that will catalyze your personal and professional growth.

Step back to spring forward

Just to give you a visual, the way I was behaving was less “Inspiring Founder” and more Fire Chief, in the middle of a burning building, megaphone in hand, barking orders and opinions. I REALLY wanted them to just get on board with my ideas about the direction we needed to go in. I wanted their buy-in. And I wanted it so badly, that I didn’t even take a breath to give any of them a chance to contribute. I looked at my team across the Zoom and wondered why they weren’t as enthusiastic as I was, and even worse, the energy had gone from engaged and positive to “What’s she talking about?” and “When will it end?”

The forgotten art of human connection

This past week Dina and I took part in a branding workshop.  It’s not that we don’t have a brand, or we don’t like our brand, we’re just always trying to find ways to keep things fresh–and create valuable content for our followers and the teams we work with.  We’d like our posts and marketing to feel like a warm loaf of bread coming straight out of the oven.  Comforting and satisfying.

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