Build an engaged workforce within an ever-changing world.

We help organisations rise to meet the complex challenges faced by society today.

Change must begin from every level of the organization, as it belongs to everyone, not just the top.

The future of work calls for more inclusive and collective leadership, to empower all levels of an organisation. Lean into the unknown and uncertainty of what lies ahead.

The changes we’ll face, either as an organisation or on a larger scale, won’t signal their arrival; we have to ensure we’re better prepared to manage it.

It requires the people within the organisation to shift and adapt, as this is where sustainable change lies: within your teams.

We share the responsibility of our problems whether on a global, economical, political, or organisational level. We must work collectively on the solutions.

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Fueling our mission is the success of our clientele.

Some of the organisations we have been privileged to coach include:

Become stronger and more agile.

Collective Works offers strategic change coaching for organisations who want to build an engaged workforce able to adapt to significant transformation and become stronger and more agile in the years to come.

A value-creating team is greater than the sum of its parts,
That’s why Collective Works.

Our work through the lens of the change curve.

Explore the steps of our how we work by clicking any step below.

Program 01: Assess the Change

Team Assessment

Assess where your people are and what they need. Evaluate how best to deliver change within your organization.


Program 02: Define the Change

Team Charter

Define and align team members on their shared purpose, vision, values, and strategy.


Program 03: Own the Change

Leadership Modules

Learning modules for leaders and managers to upskill their leadership and own their roles in the change.


Program 04: Manage the Change

Coaching & Learning Program

Team Assessment + Team Charter + 6-Month Program.


The Change Curve

Stage 1:
The Big Bang

Stage 2:
The Tidal Wave

Stage 3:
Freedom to Explore

Stage 4:
Embrace and

Programs: Dive Deeper

Understanding the stages of the change curve and recognizing where people in the organisation are in relation to the current changes, will help you identify which strategies you need to employ to help move your teams across the curve. The aim is to move people through the curve, from resistance and denial to acceptance and integration, positivity and productivity.